Lost & Found Pets

If Your Pet is Lost

It is very important that you personally visit the animal care center that services your city or area.  When you arrive at the animal care center, be certain to ask to see all of the stray animals, including animals that are being held in the observation ward, medical area, or private veterinary hospital. Other helpful tips about lost and found pets:

Shadow is a free app for reuniting lost and found dogs. If your dog is missing, download the app now.

Tips about lost and found pets

Check other animal control agencies in case your pet wandered into another jurisdiction or was brought there by a concerned resident.

Visit your local animal care center daily.  It may take days or weeks for your pet to appear in the shelter.

Place lost fliers where your animal was last seen.  Use ads in local newspapers, and Internet and social networking sites to spread the word.  Talk to mail carriers and other people who frequent the area.

You can also leave information about your lost pet at your local animal care center(s).  Each animal care center has a community lost and found bulletin board for posting such information.

Utilize social media!  We suggest posting pictures/descriptions of lost and found pets to our Facebook Page

Keep looking!  Remember, many well-meaning people do not know it is unlawful to keep a stray animal and will not immediately take a lost pet to an animal care center.  They may keep it at their home for several weeks hoping to find the owner on their own.